Silent Auction was conceived after a generous interaction at the David Bowie Collectors Auction in 2016. I thank this kind stranger very much for the opportunity and dedicate this work to him. 


He gave me a seat to watch day 2 of the auction of Bowie's much loved art collection, including paintings by Basquiat, Auerbach and some Memphis Design furniture. The materialisation of this experience became a site specific, multimedia installation (including auction catalogue). I built the installation over two weeks in the basement of 31 Ruvigny Gardens, Putney, responding to the spaces original history; where Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) had his office.


This underground place was his storage room alongside a fully mirrored aerobics studio belonging to his ex girlfriend. In the piece I was recalling the energy of the auction itself, the invisible bidders and the very present artworks once owned by Bowie, now in market place circulation.


This residency was supported by www.pipelineprojects.net (please click on photos below for more information). 

3D render of part of this installation is available here.

Thanks to Andy Leehttps://vimeo.com/212821090/6fd568327b

Please contact me for the Silent Auction Video Work