Central Hotel Dado Rail was funded by The Koppel Project and was part of a group show, Entropic Threads (including artists Annie Ratti, Onome Otite, and Nadine Shaban).


I spent two months working within The Koppel Project Hive's gallery, and in between it's opening and closing I curated and performed in two events:

That's Promo! Memorial Part I Closing Ceremony: 12th July

That's Promo! Memorial Part II Closing Ceremony: 27th July


'A dado rail is also sometimes applied to a wall without what is known as ‘the full dado treatment'. It is common in environments where walls are subject to a lot of wear and tear, such as shopping centres and hospitals. This environment will feel tethered to these banal dystopias[…] Partly inspired by travelling puppet theatre and quintessential English children’s films like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, this latest body of work has been gathered from time spent in Venice this winter as well as part-time employment painting children’s faces at store openings of family-friendly hardware stores.


Between the mechanical carnivalesque sensations of the old world of Venice, and the desensitising atmosphere of warehouse chaos, I am drawing a line. The owner of this space is a joke taken seriously — a symptom  of tolerated social ills. He has no real place to be anymore because he is from a different technology; disenfranchised, humiliated and fetishised, an analogue legacy— extinct until displayed, like a museum diorama. I want to make a new shell for the spirit of this quintessential and quixotic English character, cause and effect of a sanitised, chain, consumer land. I want to personify the High Street Disappeared.”

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