The Texel Stone, 2019

Art direction, management and design - Katie Lennard

Carving - Edgar Ward

Gold leafing - Miyuki Kajiwara

Analogue photos - Katie Lennard

Digital images - Huiqi He & Helena Pliotis

3D scans - The Printing Portal 

special thanks to Toby Russell, Frances Richardson and Tout Quarry Sculpture Park and Nature Reserve.

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3D scans of a shard of slate I picked up at The Blue Lagoon in Abereidy, Pembokeshire, Wales. The Texel Stone was carved around 7 times larger in scale than this piece of source material.

Edgar Ward carrying the Portland stone blocks to his studio

The view from the Texel Stone

Mijuki Kajiwara applying gold leaf veins and below is Kosta Hristov, Fixing mason, fixing the stone onto the rooftop.

1.4m (h) x 0.48m(w) x 0.32m(d)

© 2021 Katie Lennard