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Mullet wig - Swimming goggles - Bleach stained vest - White trousers with burgundy ribbons - Fleur De Lis silk gown - Red leather glove - Riding crop - Burgundy waistcoat - Cream shirt with padded shoulders - Beige shoes - Sunglasses - International Magic plastic shopping bag - White tights - Lacoste t-shirt with blue stripes - Braces Stripy cream trousers with pompom detailing - Grandma's Nokia necklace phone - Black leather boots - Red jacket with black velvet lapel - Cream jacket - Set of keys - Starman mask - Blonde wig - Burgundy viscose jogging shorts with 'go faster' stripes - Optional Clifford the Big Red Dog - White cotton pants - Central Hotel satin yellow and green shirt (unwashed) with frills - Pool Frogs III badge pinned to right breast - White trousers with stains - Red polyester shiny double-ended zip playgirl suit by Playboy - Bang! Whoosh! Quilted waistcoat - Badges - England dog collar and lead - Telephone wire - Velvet ribbon garden sack hat - Hat from BCM, Magaluf  - Slazenger socks

Missing Files

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